David Rosenmann-Taub

The Music of David Rosenmann-Taub

About the Composer

Great artists, like great scientists, are a necessity. They reveal truths essential to mankind if it is to advance. Through intellect, emotion, sound, rhythm, and line, they impart their extraordinary knowledge to us and lead us to understand the laws they derive from it. They cast a new light on the interrelation between the human condition and the mysteries of nature. David Rosenmann-Taub is such an artist.

For me, there is no separation between poetic activity, musical activity and drawing. One could say that I write in Spanish, in music and in drawing. If I were to play with the terms: I draw with words and I write with drawings. Each type of work has its own law and I use the means that fit best what I want to express.—David Rosenmann-Taub


Broken Memories (Interpretations)

Apresto (Interpretations)


Conversations (Interpretations)


Reflejos (Interpretations)


Salome (Interpretations)


Yo Creyera (Interpretations)

Yo Creyera