Salomé and Conversations

Salomé and Conversations by Stephen Pier and Dancers of the Martha Graham Company

The dances Salomé and Conversations, performed to David Rosenmann-Taub's music, are choreographed by Stephen Pier, Director of the Dance Division at The Hartt School.

For Salomé the dancer is Katherine Crockett from the Martha Graham Company.

For Conversations, the performers are Stephen Pier and Martha Graham Company's principal dancer, Miki Orihara.

Reflejos Elementales

Reflejos Elementales (Elemental Reflections)

A film by the Chilean film cinéaste Alexis Moreno, based on the music, poetry, and drawings of David Rosenmann-Taub.


Apresto (Exordium) by Alexis Moreno

A film by Alexis Moreno, based on the poem "Apresto" ("Exordium") and the music of David Rosenmann-Taub.

Yo creyera para no creer

Yo creyera para no creer by Chevi Muraday

Choreographer Chevi Muraday creates a dance, Yo Creyera Para No Creer, inspired by the musical composition "Licnobio" and the poem "Cómo me gustaría ser esa oscura ciénaga..." ("How I would like to be that dark marsh...").

Broken Memory

Broken Memory

The dance film "Broken Memory," a solo performance by Miki Orihara, which she choreographed herself, to David Rosenmann-Taub's piano music "Mensaje a Pedro Allende".